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Who needs another theme anymore?


One Theme / Different Styles

SPANDAU will give you the opportunity to chose between different icon styles.
No need to swap the themes anymore, just chose between gradient icons, clean flat icons with washed out backgrounds,
or maybe you´re a fan of flat shadows? And of course there will be icon effects!
Sorry…no cute kittens or pizza coupons included!

"icke bin´ s"

…berlin slang for “it´s me”. Spandau is berlin´s biggest district and my hometown. So it´s a huge pleasure to share this theme with the community as soon as it´s finished! The wait is over…soon!

Different Styles

Yeah, I know…I´ve said that before…but hey look! Flat shadows, clean versions and gradients.

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I will work on every icon requested! Thank you very much for your help to make this theme complete!